Hillary’s Book Tour Reveals Struggling Candidate

Almost $50 million. That’s the amount of free media Hillary Clinton has received so far on her “book tour.” (And not one network has provided time for a Republican response.)

Even so, that $50 million didn’t seem to earn her any new fans. She certainly didn’t buy much good will. In fact, her week in the spotlight exposed her as more defensive and out-of-touch than ever as she struggled to answer for her record and credentials.

“Dead Broke”

First, she told Americans that she and President Clinton were “dead broke” upon leaving the White House, a comment that was met by ridicule in the press and raised eyebrows among everyday Americans.

Far from being broke, the Clintons had multiple major sources of income and assets:

  • $200,000 White House salary
  • $10 million for Bill Clinton’s memoir
  • $9.2 million in speaking fees made by Bill Clinton in 2001
  • $8 million book advance for Hillary Clinton’s memoir
  • $1.7 million New York home
  • $2.85 million D.C. home
  • $145,000 Senate salary

Still, she insisted that they “struggled” to pay for houses. Yes, houses. Plural.

Even Rahm Emanuel couldn’t suppress his shock at her tone deafness.

In the real world, the Clintons did just fine, and now they top the list of richest former White House residents.

Fact Check, Please

As her record as Secretary of State was examined, she got defensive. Diane Sawyer called her out for ducking responsibility on Benghazi.

Hillary also insisted that the Taliban 5 are “Not a Threat to the United States.”

In her book and her interviews, she tried to whitewash her mistakes and missteps at State by rewriting history on Benghazi, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Asia, and Syria.

She even got her basic history wrong, calling President Lincoln a former “Senator from Illinois.”

Are the Alarm Bells Going Off?

Democrats are banking on Hillary in 2016 because they have no alternative.

When RNC National Press Secretary Kirsten Kukowski asked the DNC’s Mo Elleithee this week to name other Democrats who would make good presidential candidates, all he could do was deflect. He couldn’t name a single person.

That’s why Democrats are so desperate to coronate Hillary as the nominee two years in advance. She’s their only hope, but she’s already letting them down.

As she wades back into the political waters, her popularity is declining. A recent poll found that her favorability rating has fallen 10 points since she was Secretary of State.

Her book tour and continued gaffes and misstatements will only further damage her reputation. She hasn’t generated much more than bad headlines and bad reviews.

Democrat PACs may be “Ready for Hillary,” but it doesn’t look like America is.

P.S. As a sidenote, the next time someone is analyzing Hillary Clinton’s place in the polls, remember that no other candidate in the 2016 presidential race will ever get almost $50 million of free, unchallenged earned media.

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