Tel Aviv Shootings Represent Tragic Reminder of Terrorism Threat

America Can’t Handle Another Eight Years of Obama’s Weakness on Terror
As Americans joined in mourning the loss of four innocent bystanders as a result of yesterday’s mass shooting innocent bystanders at a market in Tel Aviv, the heinous act represented another tragic reminder of the continued threat that terrorism poses not only in the Middle East, but worldwide.

Here are 5 key reasons why we can’t afford to let Clinton in the White House:

  1. Hillary Clinton has refused to categorize the terrorist threat as “radical Islam” and refuses to say that the US is at war with ISIS.
  2. Clinton and President Barack Obama support a bad nuclear deal that legitimizes and empowers a hostile Iran – endangering our closest ally in the region, Israel.
  3. Military intervention in Libya was dubbed “Hillary’s war;” today Libya is a safe haven for terrorists and has become an ISIS stronghold.
  4. Clinton fought to close Guantanamo Bay prison and was the architect of Obama’s plan to bring terrorists to the United States.
  5. North Korea continued to develop its nuclear program under her watch and remains a top security threat despite her pledges to end their program.

America can’t risk another eight years of Obama’s weakness on terror. Hillary Clinton is a national security gamble that America and the world simply cannot afford.

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