200,000 Reasons the GOP Will Win This November

The RNC has spent the past four years building an unprecedented field organization, and the numbers already coming in for the month of June are proving its power and effectiveness.

This past Saturday, staffers and volunteers came together on our National Training Day. Thousands of new volunteers showed up to learn our field program across the country. After their initial training, they went on to finish the day by knocking tens of thousands of doors.

In this month alone, the GOP has knocked nearly 200,000 doors in battleground states, more than double what was done through the entire month of June in 2012.

The contrast with the Democrats could not be clearer. While the Clinton campaign and the DNC have started to focus on the general election in just the past few weeks, our years-long head start proves not only our commitment to winning, but our commitment to engaging voters across the country and finding out what’s important to them.

We aren’t showing up and asking for a vote weeks or days before the election; we’ve been in your community for years.

We’ve been listening to the ideas, priorities, and concerns of voters for years now. And we’re going to keep doing that all the way until Election Day.

Check out what some of our volunteers were up to this past weekend:



If you want to get involved in your state, visit GOP.com/Volunteer and sign up today!

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