Hillary Clinton Will Say Anything

Hillary Clinton will say anything. Today she is bringing her campaign of hypocrisy to Virginia, where she is likely to continue her misguided calls to weaken Americans’ Second Amendment rights in the aftermath of the terror attack in Orlando.

The day after the attack, Clinton said, “We need to keep guns like the ones used last night out of the hands of terrorists or other violent criminals.” This is one area where we can all agree.

But if she is serious, her first step must be to walk back her praise of Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s controversial restoration of rights for more than 200,000 felons, which included convicted rapists, murderers, and other violent offenders who now have a path toward legally purchasing a firearm.

Commonwealth’s attorneys from both parties have spoken out against this action, which, as The Washington Post reported, covered “some high-profile killers whose crimes shocked their small communities.”

Hillary Clinton likes to have it both ways on just about everything, but she cannot claim to want to keep guns from violent criminals while continuing her support for her friend Terry McAuliffe’s reckless blanket restoration order.

And let’s not forget: the entire reason McAuliffe wanted to flood the voter rolls with newly enfranchised felons was to benefit Hillary Clinton’s electoral chances. But in his haste to create more than 200,000 potential new voters for his longtime friend, violent criminals got the same treatment as a serial bad check writer.

So if Hillary Clinton means what she says about keeping guns out the hands of violent criminals, she must put her political ambitions aside and retract her support for Gov. McAuliffe’s reckless restoration order that could put guns in reach of people found guilty of heinous crimes.

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