It’s Been 200 Days Since Hillary Has Held a Press Conference.

It looks like Hillary has a new strategy to avoid lying to the press — stop talking to them all together.

In what the Washington Post’s Chris Cilliza calls a “disturbing pattern”, the Clinton campaign has been remarkably successful at shielding Hillary from unfiltered media interaction.

Case and point: today marks 200 days since Clinton has held a press conference.

To put that in perspective, the last time Hillary Clinton held a press conference, she had a grand total of zero votes in the Democrat primary. The FBI had yet to confirm its investigation into Clinton’s secret email server; and, the Inspector General had yet to issue a bombshell report evicerating a year’s worth of Clinton’s lies and evasions on her email scandal.

We don’t blame her. When Hillary Clinton is unscripted she tends to get herself in trouble.

Exhibit A. 

More importantly, opening herself to questions from the press would mean answering legitimate questions about her record, her shady past, and her never ending trail of scandals.

The “most transparent person in public life” wouldn’t want any part of that. Right?

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