We Can’t Afford The Consequences Of A Clinton Presidency

For the 58th time in our nation’s history, Americans will cast their ballots in November for the President of the United States. A presidential election is not just a decision about who will lead our nation right now, but the country we will be in the future.

On both counts, America cannot afford Hillary Clinton in the White House.

Clinton shares President Obama’s misguided belief the economy is in good shape. President Obama has spent years touting a veneer of recovery, but the American people know what Obamanomics has really led to: a shrinking middle class with declining wages, a 50-year low in homeownership, and a swelling global trade deficit of $750 billion.

Yet Hillary Clinton has said President Obama doesn’t “get the credit he deserves,” and merits an “A” for his performance on the economy. That’s a generous grade for a president who has seen 7 million Americans slide into poverty and 11 million Americans newly on food stamps under his watch. President Obama will leave office as the only president in history to never deliver a year of 3% economic growth or more, and with Hillary Clinton praising his failed policies, it’s clear she’s is out of touch with the struggles of many Americans and unable to grasp the solutions needed to get the economy to peak performance.

Clinton is also eager to expand on President Obama’s disastrous ObamaCare agenda. Costs keep escalating for patients and taxpayers, and ObamaCare exchanges have collapsed in multiple states. As the Wall Street Journal has noted, the average deductible for a family of four on a bronze ObamaCare plan is now $11,000, “the equivalent, in the case of routine illness or injury, of not being insured at all.” In a Clinton presidency, consumers will keep paying more for less as ObamaCare continues to tighten its grip on our healthcare system. Clinton claimed credit for laying the groundwork for ObamaCare years ago, and her own personal investment in this failed legislation means she will never abandon it if she is President.

And the disastrous effects of a Clinton presidency would reverberate far beyond our borders.

Clinton is not equipped to lead the fight against radical Islamic terrorism as commander-in-chief. As Secretary of State, she proved her poor judgment by turning Libya into a hotbed for Jihadist activity. Less than three weeks after the horrific San Bernardino shootings, Clinton said “we now finally are where we need to be” on fighting ISIS. With scores dead and wounded in attacks around the globe, Clinton’s unwillingness to change course from President Obama’s futile strategy inspires no confidence that she will be able to stop the terror group, which is now operating in three times as many places around the globe as it was in 2014.

Clinton’s signature “accomplishment” as Secretary of State was the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, which not only does nothing to stop the world’s number one state sponsor of terror from developing a nuclear weapon, but also hands a radical regime $1.7 billion in payments they can spread around to global terror groups. Enabling our enemies is a staple of the Clinton foreign policy record, and the Iran deal is proof positive of more of Clinton’s “leading from behind” mentality which has made the United States and its allies more vulnerable to national security threats.

Lastly, Clinton’s pay-to-play approach to politics has resulted in gross compromises of our national security and diplomatic efforts, and electing her president means the White House will become a new and fertile ground for a pattern of unethical behavior which stretches back decades. While Secretary of State, Clinton’s Foundation took millions from individuals with intimate connections to the governments of countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia. The levels of cash flowing into the Clinton Foundation highlights her greed and conflicts of interest, and covering up these questionable relationships was at the core of Clinton’s motivations for recklessly setting up a secret email server that left classified information exposed to foreign intelligence agencies and hackers. Americans must ask themselves if they should give a promotion to someone who failed so many tests of leadership.

The American people have had enough of failed status quo policies which have left them less hopeful in our country’s future. They have had enough of serially dishonest, corrupt, and self-interested career politicians. If we do not elect Donald Trump president, these will be the inevitable, unaffordable hallmarks of a Clinton presidency.

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