Behind the Scenes: 2016 Election Cycle

The 2016 election cycle was set to be historic no matter what with a record breaking 17 Republican candidates. This is me and then chair of the RNC (soon-to-be Chief of Staff to the President) Reince Priebus watching an early debate from backstage.
President Trump coming off stage after another debate on a very crowded stage. I wrote a piece in the WSJ about how the RNC took back control of these debates in 2016, and another this year about how Dems are trying and failing to do the same for theirs in 2020. Both can be found here.
President Trump visiting the RNC Headquarters outside the Chairmans office meeting with some staff.
The first selfie of President Trump and Vice President Pence as running mates in a meeting at Trump Tower.

Did countless interviews and hours of coverage of that election cycle.

Watching RNC Chairman Reince Priebus on the final night of the RNC Convention.
Signing all the paperwork behind the scenes to accept the Republican Party nomination.
Celebrating becoming the Republican Nominee.
A great headline from a great speech.
More election coverage this time at RNC set up at the DNC convention.

Then candidate Trump back at the RNC headquarters in the press room, this time as the party’s nominee.
Then candidate Trump and his wife Melania watching coverage after a debate with Hillary Clinton.
Offering a post-debate congrats.

A very full and busy war room at Trump HQ the night before election day.
In the former Apprentice prop room doing election day analysis as results started to come in.
The room full of people where, then candidate Trump chose to watch results come in instead of a smaller room. One of the moments I realized he was a man of the people.
Had to snag a selfie with the soon-to-be President of the United States watching the election results come in.

Seeing my face next to the Presidents in the middle of Time Square was pretty surreal.