Will Clinton Meet Expectations In The First Debate?

Election Day is now less than fifty days away, and with national polling reflecting a surge of momentum for Donald Trump, the pressure is squarely on Hillary Clinton to live up to her reputation as a talented debater at a time when millions of undecided voters will be glued to their screens.

For Clinton, high expectations stem from ample experience. Clinton is a career politician who has spent years sharpening her debate reflexes and beefing up on public policy. Donald Trump is new to the format. Aside from the primary debates (which have lower levels of attention focused on them and many more participants), Trump’s lack of formal, political, one-on-one debate experience gives Clinton a significant advantage.

This view is informed in large part due to Clinton’s adroit performances in past debates. Clinton’s been at it since she’s been on the debate team in high school, and she has shined on some of the biggest stages before. In 2008, in the thick of the Democrat primary, Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod admitted Clinton had “a very strong debate performance” against then-Senator Obama. In 2016, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley was frustrated by the fact Clinton did not make a single “significant mistake” during the five times they were on stage together. She knows how to debate, and by all accounts, she is a methodical and intense consumer of information in her preparations beforehand.

Just ask her campaign. Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon described Clinton’s approach in seeing the debate stage as a “proving ground.” Chief Strategist Joel Benenson echoed Fallon by declaring of Trump, “I don’t think he can go toe to toe with her,” and speculated Clinton “will come out on top.” Not to be outdone, Clinton surrogate Ed Rendell said she held her own on many occasions in 2008 against Obama, who he called “probably the greatest debater in public speaking, in politics, in our lifetime.”

The optimism in the Clinton camp is shared in the media as well, where there is almost unanimous agreement Clinton is an adept debater. Dana BashChris Matthews, and Chris Hayes note how “seasoned”  she is, and more pundits than we can count (including John HeilemannWolf Blitzer, and Mark Shields) laud her talent, experience and debate skills.

Trump hasn’t been running for president for 24 years, he’s spent his career as a successful businessman. Few are expecting the same level of polish from a verbal gunslinger whose rhetorical strength is speaking to the heart – and the gut – of the American people.

Aside from the Super Bowl, the first debate has very high potential to be the most watched television event of the year. With so much riding on this moment and a wealth of experience working in her favor, Hillary Clinton has no excuse not to turn in a near-flawless performance.

Sleight Of Hand: Clinton Ground Game Lags Trump And RNC


As the presidential election comes down the home stretch, the RNC ground game is far surpassing anything we did in 2012.

In 2012, we had 576 staffers and organizers in 13 battleground states. This year, we have 3,894.

In Florida, we had 84 staff and organizers in 2012 vs. 1,040 today.

In North Carolina, we had 61 staff and organizers in 2012 vs. 657 today.

In Ohio, 79 staff and organizers in 2012 vs. 436 today.

In Pennsylvania, 56 staff and organizers in 2012 vs. 392 today.

All told, the RNC has 6,000 staff and trained organizers and millions of volunteers spread out across 33 states, and they’ve already knocked on 4.4 million doors this cycle, a number far greater than what we did four years ago.

But the media has fallen for the Clinton camp’s false narrative that equates having a lot of campaign offices with having a superior field organization.

In reality, the Clinton camp knows that the Trump campaign and the RNC’s combined efforts are outpacing their field organization, and their touting how many offices they have cannot cover up the fact they lag behind our effort in organizers, volunteers, and voter registration in key states.

Saying a large number of offices equates to an effective ground game is like saying having an expensive car makes you a good driver.

The evidence tells the story of who is really ahead.

When the Clinton campaign announced battleground state directors in April and May of 2016, the RNC had already been on the ground for 3 years.

RNC organizers have conducted over 55,000 one-on-one meetings with prospective volunteers and future organizers. That’s 55,000 personalized 30 minute to 1 hour sit-downs. The personal touch has made our field effort more dedicated and engaged.

While Clinton campaign staff were still identifying where to place offices, the RNC’s staff, organizers, and volunteers had tallied well over 1.2 million hours of organizing, the equivalent of 50,000 days, or 137 years.

We’ve outpaced Democrats in voter registration in Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. We’ve registered nearly 725,000 new voters.

The Clinton campaign cannot come close to our output.

And let’s not forget until the DNC collapsed and was taken over by the Clinton campaign, they were insolvent and unable to fund any large scale operation. Only the RNC could do that.

Hyping up the number of offices ignores that fact our team has spent time working out of state and county party offices for years, in addition to informal locations like coffee shops. Many of our staffers and volunteers don’t need an office as a home base since they spend a majority of their time knocking on doors in neighborhoods and phone banking non-stop. Offices don’t talk to voters face-to-face.

The RNC came into this election more prepared than any committee in history, and the Trump campaign inherited an operation more ready to help a nominee than any the RNC has ever assembled. Now that both field programs are fully integrated, we are avoiding duplication in the field and are leveraging shared resources in the most effective way possible.

The RNC’s ground game is far ahead of a Clinton ground game that amounts to a cubicle factory, and we will continue to stay ahead as we push toward Election Day.

We Can’t Afford The Consequences Of A Clinton Presidency

For the 58th time in our nation’s history, Americans will cast their ballots in November for the President of the United States. A presidential election is not just a decision about who will lead our nation right now, but the country we will be in the future.

On both counts, America cannot afford Hillary Clinton in the White House.

Clinton shares President Obama’s misguided belief the economy is in good shape. President Obama has spent years touting a veneer of recovery, but the American people know what Obamanomics has really led to: a shrinking middle class with declining wages, a 50-year low in homeownership, and a swelling global trade deficit of $750 billion.

Yet Hillary Clinton has said President Obama doesn’t “get the credit he deserves,” and merits an “A” for his performance on the economy. That’s a generous grade for a president who has seen 7 million Americans slide into poverty and 11 million Americans newly on food stamps under his watch. President Obama will leave office as the only president in history to never deliver a year of 3% economic growth or more, and with Hillary Clinton praising his failed policies, it’s clear she’s is out of touch with the struggles of many Americans and unable to grasp the solutions needed to get the economy to peak performance.

Clinton is also eager to expand on President Obama’s disastrous ObamaCare agenda. Costs keep escalating for patients and taxpayers, and ObamaCare exchanges have collapsed in multiple states. As the Wall Street Journal has noted, the average deductible for a family of four on a bronze ObamaCare plan is now $11,000, “the equivalent, in the case of routine illness or injury, of not being insured at all.” In a Clinton presidency, consumers will keep paying more for less as ObamaCare continues to tighten its grip on our healthcare system. Clinton claimed credit for laying the groundwork for ObamaCare years ago, and her own personal investment in this failed legislation means she will never abandon it if she is President.

And the disastrous effects of a Clinton presidency would reverberate far beyond our borders.

Clinton is not equipped to lead the fight against radical Islamic terrorism as commander-in-chief. As Secretary of State, she proved her poor judgment by turning Libya into a hotbed for Jihadist activity. Less than three weeks after the horrific San Bernardino shootings, Clinton said “we now finally are where we need to be” on fighting ISIS. With scores dead and wounded in attacks around the globe, Clinton’s unwillingness to change course from President Obama’s futile strategy inspires no confidence that she will be able to stop the terror group, which is now operating in three times as many places around the globe as it was in 2014.

Clinton’s signature “accomplishment” as Secretary of State was the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, which not only does nothing to stop the world’s number one state sponsor of terror from developing a nuclear weapon, but also hands a radical regime $1.7 billion in payments they can spread around to global terror groups. Enabling our enemies is a staple of the Clinton foreign policy record, and the Iran deal is proof positive of more of Clinton’s “leading from behind” mentality which has made the United States and its allies more vulnerable to national security threats.

Lastly, Clinton’s pay-to-play approach to politics has resulted in gross compromises of our national security and diplomatic efforts, and electing her president means the White House will become a new and fertile ground for a pattern of unethical behavior which stretches back decades. While Secretary of State, Clinton’s Foundation took millions from individuals with intimate connections to the governments of countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia. The levels of cash flowing into the Clinton Foundation highlights her greed and conflicts of interest, and covering up these questionable relationships was at the core of Clinton’s motivations for recklessly setting up a secret email server that left classified information exposed to foreign intelligence agencies and hackers. Americans must ask themselves if they should give a promotion to someone who failed so many tests of leadership.

The American people have had enough of failed status quo policies which have left them less hopeful in our country’s future. They have had enough of serially dishonest, corrupt, and self-interested career politicians. If we do not elect Donald Trump president, these will be the inevitable, unaffordable hallmarks of a Clinton presidency.

Unequal Convention Coverage By Networks

Traditionally, TV networks ABC, NBC and CBS have worked to ensure fairness giving each party the primetime hour of 10:00PM to 11:00PM on Monday through Thursday of their respective parties’ conventions. While speeches can go over allotted time, they strive for parity.

Well that changed this year. As the Democrats’ final night gets underway, we can see quite clearly that each network have given anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes extra per night of primetime coverage to the DNC. And this isn’t just due to long speeches alone. All three networks cut away before 11PM on Monday night of the RNC’s convention when Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA), a rising star in our party, had yet to speak.

Based on our analysis, the networks from nights 1 thru 3, gave the DNC 13 hours and 21 minutes of coverage, while giving the RNC 9 hours and 47 minutes during the same nights. Democrats have been given nearly 40 percent more time during prime time to get their message out.

It’s Been 200 Days Since Hillary Has Held a Press Conference.

It looks like Hillary has a new strategy to avoid lying to the press — stop talking to them all together.

In what the Washington Post’s Chris Cilliza calls a “disturbing pattern”, the Clinton campaign has been remarkably successful at shielding Hillary from unfiltered media interaction.

Case and point: today marks 200 days since Clinton has held a press conference.

To put that in perspective, the last time Hillary Clinton held a press conference, she had a grand total of zero votes in the Democrat primary. The FBI had yet to confirm its investigation into Clinton’s secret email server; and, the Inspector General had yet to issue a bombshell report evicerating a year’s worth of Clinton’s lies and evasions on her email scandal.

We don’t blame her. When Hillary Clinton is unscripted she tends to get herself in trouble.

Exhibit A. 

More importantly, opening herself to questions from the press would mean answering legitimate questions about her record, her shady past, and her never ending trail of scandals.

The “most transparent person in public life” wouldn’t want any part of that. Right?

200,000 Reasons the GOP Will Win This November

The RNC has spent the past four years building an unprecedented field organization, and the numbers already coming in for the month of June are proving its power and effectiveness.

This past Saturday, staffers and volunteers came together on our National Training Day. Thousands of new volunteers showed up to learn our field program across the country. After their initial training, they went on to finish the day by knocking tens of thousands of doors.

In this month alone, the GOP has knocked nearly 200,000 doors in battleground states, more than double what was done through the entire month of June in 2012.

The contrast with the Democrats could not be clearer. While the Clinton campaign and the DNC have started to focus on the general election in just the past few weeks, our years-long head start proves not only our commitment to winning, but our commitment to engaging voters across the country and finding out what’s important to them.

We aren’t showing up and asking for a vote weeks or days before the election; we’ve been in your community for years.

We’ve been listening to the ideas, priorities, and concerns of voters for years now. And we’re going to keep doing that all the way until Election Day.

Check out what some of our volunteers were up to this past weekend:



If you want to get involved in your state, visit GOP.com/Volunteer and sign up today!

Hillary Clinton Will Say Anything

Hillary Clinton will say anything. Today she is bringing her campaign of hypocrisy to Virginia, where she is likely to continue her misguided calls to weaken Americans’ Second Amendment rights in the aftermath of the terror attack in Orlando.

The day after the attack, Clinton said, “We need to keep guns like the ones used last night out of the hands of terrorists or other violent criminals.” This is one area where we can all agree.

But if she is serious, her first step must be to walk back her praise of Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s controversial restoration of rights for more than 200,000 felons, which included convicted rapists, murderers, and other violent offenders who now have a path toward legally purchasing a firearm.

Commonwealth’s attorneys from both parties have spoken out against this action, which, as The Washington Post reported, covered “some high-profile killers whose crimes shocked their small communities.”

Hillary Clinton likes to have it both ways on just about everything, but she cannot claim to want to keep guns from violent criminals while continuing her support for her friend Terry McAuliffe’s reckless blanket restoration order.

And let’s not forget: the entire reason McAuliffe wanted to flood the voter rolls with newly enfranchised felons was to benefit Hillary Clinton’s electoral chances. But in his haste to create more than 200,000 potential new voters for his longtime friend, violent criminals got the same treatment as a serial bad check writer.

So if Hillary Clinton means what she says about keeping guns out the hands of violent criminals, she must put her political ambitions aside and retract her support for Gov. McAuliffe’s reckless restoration order that could put guns in reach of people found guilty of heinous crimes.

Tel Aviv Shootings Represent Tragic Reminder of Terrorism Threat

America Can’t Handle Another Eight Years of Obama’s Weakness on Terror
As Americans joined in mourning the loss of four innocent bystanders as a result of yesterday’s mass shooting innocent bystanders at a market in Tel Aviv, the heinous act represented another tragic reminder of the continued threat that terrorism poses not only in the Middle East, but worldwide.

Here are 5 key reasons why we can’t afford to let Clinton in the White House:

  1. Hillary Clinton has refused to categorize the terrorist threat as “radical Islam” and refuses to say that the US is at war with ISIS.
  2. Clinton and President Barack Obama support a bad nuclear deal that legitimizes and empowers a hostile Iran – endangering our closest ally in the region, Israel.
  3. Military intervention in Libya was dubbed “Hillary’s war;” today Libya is a safe haven for terrorists and has become an ISIS stronghold.
  4. Clinton fought to close Guantanamo Bay prison and was the architect of Obama’s plan to bring terrorists to the United States.
  5. North Korea continued to develop its nuclear program under her watch and remains a top security threat despite her pledges to end their program.

America can’t risk another eight years of Obama’s weakness on terror. Hillary Clinton is a national security gamble that America and the world simply cannot afford.

2383 Or Bust

“They shouldn’t be included in any count on primary or caucus night.”

That’s what DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda said about superdelegates back in April.

While Hillary Clinton will try to claim she’s the presumptive nominee, it’s worth remembering the DNC has been adamant that superdelegates don’t officially count toward a candidate’s pledged delegate total until they vote at the convention in July. That means according to the DNC’s own rules, if Hillary Clinton doesn’t hit 2383 pledged delegates after Tuesday’s contests, any attempts to anoint Hillary Clinton the presumptive nominee will be premature.

Hillary Clinton’s nomination is not a done deal. A lot can change in 48 days, especially when the candidate who has the support of many of these unelected party bosses is still under investigation by the FBI.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has said superdelegates are “free to decide [who to vote for] anytime up until July.” If Hillary is short the 2383 pledged delegates on Wednesday morning, will the DNC violate its own rules and declare Hillary Clinton the presumptive nominee without her having officially crossed the delegate threshold?  If the media tries to declare Clinton the presumptive nominee, will the DNC vocally stand up for Sanders’ supporters or will they break their own rules and let Clinton push a false narrative?

If the DNC says Clinton is the presumptive nominee, it will indicate the DNC doesn’t want to give superdelegates who might be getting hot under the collar over Hillary’s legal woes an opportunity to change sides, especially with Sanders still nipping at her heels in the overall delegate count.

Declaring Hillary Clinton the presumptive nominee will further expose an already unfair superdelegate system as an anti-democratic and rigged method of choosing a nominee, one that looks utterly hypocritical in light of constant misleading Democrat rhetoric about being the party of enfranchising voters. And it only makes sense superdelegates should have to wait until the convention to cast their vote. Democrats are the so-called champions of voting rights, right?

And what if Bernie wins big on Tuesday?

Sanders is only 268 pledged delegates behind Clinton. With 694 pledged delegates at stake during the final contests, Bernie still has a puncher’s chance to overtake her in the pledged delegate lead before the convention in Philadelphia next month.  Will superdelegates hypothetically pledged to Clinton be willing to swing the nomination from the voters’ choice to the Democrat establishment’s choice in Philadelphia?

And let’s not forget there are many states out there Bernie Sanders won but superdelegates bucked the will of the people (Michigan, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Indiana, Utah, West Virginia).  Should those party insiders do the right thing and support Sanders just like their constituents, perhaps Clinton’s claimed lead isn’t really what it seems.

The multitude of Sanders supporters who are upset about the rigged superdelegate system have pledged to make their voice heard at the Democrat convention. 74-year old Bernie Sanders is the oldest candidate in the race. But he could be a comeback kid this Tuesday.

State Department IG Report Exposes Clinton’s Dishonesty

Summer is only just starting. But Hillary Clinton is already feeling the heat.

Hillary Clinton’s hopes that the State Department investigation into her secret email server would come up empty came crashing down last week with the release of a scathing Inspector General’s report that unequivocally stated Clinton “did not comply with the Department’s policies that were implemented in accordance with the Federal Records Act.”

Even the Obama White House won’t go to bat for Clinton, as Press Secretary Josh Earnest punted Tuesday on a chance to defend her non-cooperation with the IG probe. Fox News also reported lawyers for top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills are blocking any questions related to Bryan Pagliano, the IT staffer who set up Clinton’s off the books server – and required immunity from the FBI before talking.

Clinton’s credibility has been torn to shreds, and as her team struggles to spin her obvious breach of the law, her persistent dishonesty has only created a new set of hurdles.

First, the IG report proved Clinton has been lying from the get-go about her secret email server. In March 2015, Clinton said she “provided all my emails that could possibly be work-related,” but the IG report makes clear several work-related emails belonging to Hillary Clinton were apparently never turned over. Clinton told Jake Tapper her private server was “allowed under the rules of the State Department” but in reality, the IG investigation “found no evidence that the Secretary requested or obtained guidance or approval to conduct official business via a personal email account on her private server.” For months, Clinton maintained a willingness to fully comply with the investigation, but the report indicated Clinton declined to be interviewed by the Inspector General. Clinton’s insistence on clearing her name has been exposed as lip service, and her top priority is staying as far away as possible from the investigation.

Even more shameless is the Clinton team still spinning statements they know are lies. Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon had the audacity to claim that despite the IG report clearly contradicting numerous of her past claims, it “doesn’t make her statements untruthful.” That level of spin would be laughable were it not for the fact it just shows Clinton’s team is even now still content to keep lying to the American people in the face of rock-solid evidence of her misleading the public.

Secondly, her top aides are also stonewalling on the investigation because of the spider web of lies Clinton and her team have woven. Top aide Cheryl Mills, the IG report shows, was aware of attempts to hack Clinton’s server, defended Clinton’s use of a BlackBerry despite it not meeting minimum security requirements, and sent information now marked classified to private email addresses. Mills also walked out of the FBI interview during its own investigation of the secret server. Nobody can take seriously her staff’s claims to transparency, either: the Office of the Inspector General sent questionnaires to 26 members of Clinton’s staff and got all of 5 responses. Clinton’s aides are as guilty of trying to hide the truth as she is. Apples don’t fall far from the tree in Clinton-world.

Third, the IG report reinforces what everyone knows and dislikes about Hillary Clinton. Her use of a secret email server was clearly for the purpose of keeping her public business away from anyone who might hold her accountable. If America is disappointed in the Obama administration’s failures of transparency, Clinton has already set the tone for the stonewalling that will take place in hers. Whether it is her secret server, the shadiness at Clinton Foundation, or her refusal to release the transcripts of speeches to Wall Street executives, a dishonest, above-the-law mentality is par for the course with all things Clinton. If she can’t be trusted with email, how can she be trusted with the White House?

Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty has caught up with her again. And with the Judicial Watch lawsuit and the FBI investigation still rolling full steam ahead, the worst of Hillary Clinton’s woes over her secret email server may still be yet to come. It’s going to be a long summer for Crooked Hillary.