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Extra Interviews

Interview with Sarah and Bryan Sanders – Extra

Interview with Kellyanne Conway – Extra

Interview with Secretary Mike and Susan Pompeo – Extra

Convocation speech – Liberty university

Interview with Glenn Beck – The Glenn Beck Podcast

sean on whats at stake in midterms – annie frey show

Sean Spicer Discusses the Midterms – The News and Why It Matters


Sean Spicer does the local weather – Fox 5

Sean spicer interview – HUckabee

Sean spicer book tour in boston – boston, ma

Book party coverage from cspan – Washington, D.c.

Sean Spicer on Jimmy Kimmel Live! – LOs Angeles, CA

After words with michael steele and sean spicer – cspan


The washington Journal with Sean Spicer on President Trump and the Media – CSPAN

Sean Spicer sits down with elex michaelson Good Day L.A. – Los Angeles, CA

Sean Spicer at the Ronald Reagan presidential Library – Simi Valley, CA

The David Horowitz Freedom Center – Beverly Hills, CA

Sean Spicer at the richard nixon presidential library – Yorba linda, CA

Sean Spicer at the COmmonWealth Club – San francisco, CA 

in the Arena Sean Spicer interview – Barrington, RI

Sean Spicer on Chicago ‘SNL’ Stage – Chicago, IL

Against the Current With Dan Proft – Chicago, IL


Sean Spicer makes surprise Cameo at 2017 Emmy Awards