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Book Tour

Check out the events and media from #TheBriefing book tour!

Media and Interviews

Check out the links below to see some of Sean’s recent media from events and appearances.

On VA Democratic Leadership – America’s Newsroom

On The State of The Union – Yahoo Finance

On Schultz 2020 – The Story with Martha MacCallum

On Cliff Sim’s White House Tell All – Trish Regan Prime Time

Media Coverage of Covington Kids and White House Press Briefings – America’s Newsroom

White House Press Conference Rules – Mornings with Maria

The Caravan – Evening Edit

Mueller probe – America’s Newsroom

Judges’ reaction on Acosta and CNN – Fox & Friends

Convocation speech – Liberty university

Interview with Glenn Beck – The Glenn Beck Podcast

Sean reacts to 2018 midterms – fox & friends

Midterms effect on 2020 – Mornings with Maria

sean on whats at stake in midterms – annie frey show

optimism going into midterms – fox & Friends

Republican enthusiasm in midterms – Fox & Friends

Sean spicer on Snl mocking war hero – Fox & Friends

Sean Spicer on Trump campaigning in midterms – Fox & Friends

Sean SPicer on Midterms – Trish Regan Primetime

Sean Spicer on the Tragedy in Pittsburgh – sean hannity

Sean Spicer Discusses the Midterms – The News and Why It Matters

Sean Spicer does the local weather – Fox 5

Trump rallies votors in Montana – Fox & Friends

turkey Frees U.s. pastor held for 2 years – America’S newsroom

Kavanaugh fight has galvanized Republicans – Fox and friends

Sean spicer interview – HUckabee

Sean spicer book tour in boston – boston, ma

Sean spicer on good reporters, former colleagues, and how people have been treating him in public – the washingtonian

Book party coverage from cspan – Washington, D.c.

Sean Spicer on Jimmy Kimmel Live! – LOs Angeles, CA

After words with michael steele and sean spicer – cspan

The washington Journal with Sean Spicer on President Trump and the Media – CSPAN

Sean Spicer sits down with elex michaelson Good Day L.A. – Los Angeles, CA

Sean Spicer at the Ronald Reagan presidential Library – Simi Valley, CA

The David Horowitz Freedom Center – Beverly Hills, CA

Sean Spicer at the richard nixon presidential library – Yorba linda, CA

Sean Spicer at the COmmonWealth Club – San francisco, CA 

in the Arena Sean Spicer interview – Barrington, RI

Sean Spicer on Chicago ‘SNL’ Stage – Chicago, IL

Sean SPicer Talks Trump, Manafort – and melissa mccarthy – on chicago ‘snl’ stage – CHicago Sun times

Against the Current With Dan Proft – Chicago, IL

The National Press Club – Washington, D.C.

Sean Spicer’s Interview with David Webb – Patriot Radio, Sirius XM

Sean Spicer on the Jenny McCarthy Show – Sirius XM

A Discussion with sean spicer, former white house press secretary hosted by the institute of international and european affairs (Iiea). – Dublin, Ireland

Mr Spicer discussed changes in US politics and, in particular, how conservatism and the Republican Party have evolved over the last number of decades. Drawing on his recent book, The Briefing: Politics, the Press, and the President, he considered the extent to which the Trump Administration’s approach to foreign policy has been characterised by both continuity and change.