RADICAL NATION makes it clear what is at stake. If you want to Save America you must read this—it is MAGA all the way.” —PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP

RADICAL NATION is a must-read. Spicer presents a clear and concise understating of the direction we are headed and provides the tools and tactics necessary to combat it.“ — NEWT GINGRICH

“The Biden-Harris regime is pushing discredited policies that will destroy the very fabric of America. RADICAL NATION provides us with background on the direction they could take us, and ways we can fight back and win.” DAN BONGINO

RADICAL NATION is critically important. My friend Sean perfectly diagnoses the problems with the Biden presidency and what we can do to save our nation.” — CHARLIE KIRK            

“This is a must read for every parent, student, business owner and concerned citizen. No matter where you are politically, if you want to know where we are headed as a country, please read RADICAL NATION.” — MERCEDES SCHLAPP, WHITE HOUSE DIRECTOR OF STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS FOR TRUMP ADMINISTRATION

“Joe Biden never intended to unify the country and if you’re concerned about where his policies will lead us and want to know what it takes to push back, you must read RADICAL NATION.” — DANA LOESCH, NATIONALLY SYNDICATED HOST OF THE DANA SHOW


Friday, October 15th — Franklin County GOP Eisenhower Dinner

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Friday, October 22nd – Radical Nation Event at Heritage Foundation

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Tuesday, October 26th – Book Signing at Books and Greetings

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Wednesday, October 27th — New York Metropolitan Republican Club

New York City, NY — Tickets here.

Wednesday, November 10th – Republican Women’s Federation

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Saturday, November 13th – Horowitz Freedom Center Restoration Weekend

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